After the Lockdown each affected country and citizens will change their habits and costumes and modifying daily activities with concius fear.


Global scale epidemic is affecting almost any country and populations


Photo Culture Society Report OpenCollective
OpenCollective Photo report Culture Changes in Society

An historic moment that is affecting each one of us and will sign an unforgettable moment of our life

We are strong and we will recover soon and we probably will go back to “normal” in a matter of months. someone will wear mask forever when going into public areas in Asia or worldwide, or maybe will use medication to improve health status and feel stronger against future viral attacs.

I’m interested in collecting high definition photography to report from most affected areas like my own beautiful but suffering Italy and of couse china and other nations to assure we must understand, analyze and collect society reactions to stressful situations.

Anybody interested to support this photographic project and want to support activities and is interested to participate and welcome to provide a financiary contribution to create a detailed photographic database archive of Covid events is welcome to use the Photo Culture OpenCollective project page at the following link

Click the link below to know more and support the Photographic Culture Project by Marco Toscani with donations from a little as 10$.

Chinese girl traveling to crowded Night Market in Northen Thailand before COVID 19


Cameras and Lenses


Below a list of professional cameras to be evaluated to create a pull and vote to confirm the expenses to be listed in OpenCollective website to becomes my official sponsored tools to create the photographic database.