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Since October 2016 when I left Ibiza my future trip wasn’t set at all.  Asia still provide me what I’m looking for! Smiles, adventures, colors and amazing food I always want to enjoy and experiment while  discovering this immense so different world. When I say different I’m comparing to Europe of course. So is always good to have something to explore and increase our knowledge always moving forward to grow ourselves. Right ?

When I make a choice on my next destination I usually listen friends tips and look travel blogs or double checking photography videos and why not also more modern drone 4K videos that show you a view from the sky of  some location I would love to see and take a picture at.

let me say first.. Usually I change every time at every trip and always at the last moment my camera!I know this can cause some issue and make things complicated but is a way to create adrenaline as well.  I’m usually looking to test equipment and lenses so and it’s funny because I maybe spend hundreds of hours watching online reviews to find out which camera is better and which is not,  and then I figure out many times maybe an hundred dollars more cameras give you a better quality pictures but it’s always about the photographer right?  Remembe if you’re not going to print out the pictures on big format (more then 20×30 ” ) so trust me when I say around 5000 pixels photo quality you have already have the camera you need.  Anyway this fall I started my  trip with a Fujifilm XT-10  and toke with me the  18 mm prime  lens and I have to say I was very happy especially in the night. Amazing combination with the 2.0 aperture and you can judge yourself when looking at the Tokyo Halloween night shots.

Tokyo Halloween 2016

Click here to view the Tokyo Halloween pictures.

Before landing in Tokyo I spent a week in Athens Greece and there testing the camera slowly during the day checking all the settings and  yes I’m always talking about the Fuji XT-10 and yes was my first Fujifilm camera and I have to say during the winter I learned a lot on how to use this camera and the complex set up to get things done. But thanks to Fuji algorithms guru now after just six months with the new firmware upgrade for almost all the Fuji cameras you don’t have to spend all this time learning. so you can get nice shots out of the box if we want to say like that .

In Athens  you have temples  you have history you have a lot to experiment and study photography techniques but please bring a wide lens with you . In the night temples also are  warmer colorful for artificial’s lights and so maybe you can  bring a zoom lens too and get temples shoots at night or get  more close if you want to walk up the hill?!

I have to say that I left Athens pretty fast and straight to Tokyo to be on time for Halloween was such a great deal!  So I bought the airplane ticket just the day I receive the new lens from a photographer from Germany I think Berlin and he sent me his 18 mm lens. I was ready for street photography!  Please don’t tell me that 35 mm is the best lens for  street photography because I’m using a crop factor mirrorless Fuji camera APC sensor so the 18mm is perfectly better and sharper.


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TOKYO Street Photography

Is my second consecutive year in Japan in autumn season but this time was totally different. This time I got the right moment plus amazing weather  and impressive leaves colors and yes all the best condition you can get from this Country so I suggest you go visit Japan in October/November if you can.

Tokyo is really impressive! You need months or years to discover this infinite agglomeration of concrete mixed in designers buildings covered by glasses and so on and there between skylarks you have temples and or a small amazing garden and any neighborhood have distinctive complicated alternative way to inspire you in your photography art.

Tokyo street photography by Marco Toscani

Tokyo Architectural Photography

Tokyo better then Kyoto or Osaka concentrate hundreds of skyscrapers modern building and modern shops and modern modern modern everywhere you find amazing design architectures museums squares stations bridges lakes gardens and the landscape is absolutely outstanding to make you take thousands of photos and is like you are having a sort of conversation wile walking in Tokyo.

Yes I say “conversation ”  because you look into the camera but you feel something special around you. You are listening the Japanese silence. Is around you and yes  is silence that allow you to grab special pictures every single click. The silence that allow you to be a better photographer because you listen yourself and your eyes are not distracted  by anything else.

Tokyo Architecture Photography By Marco Toscani

All so precise clean perfectly unfold in front of you and ready to be freezed on the perfect photo.

Tokyo is inspiring. You will fall in love with this city. Trust me any Photographer must spend months here learning and practicing with new cameras.

here you can see a night shot that prove the power of the compact and light 18mm by Fuji

Tokyo dome night

Kyoto and the amazing Temples

in Kyoto you really move back on time and just few streets away from the main shopping center area and bang! You are into a completely different world. The antiques old wood houses and cinematic road lighting create a breathless atmosphere.

Kyoto street photography

you have also many different beautiful temples and then the market and so at list a week to appreciate  the lovely city of Kyoto. I’m not here to guide you with details but just check online or buy some guide so is plenty of suggestions to have an amazing journey here.

Kyoto garden landscape photography

What I like to suggest is to have maybe a couple of lens or a 18:135 mm to help you take different shots during the day.

All Japanese photography ©Marco Toscani made with Fujifilm X-T10 and 18mm prime wide angle

Osaka and Nara

After almost a week in Osaka walking around also I rented a bicycle from my friend Jin the owner of a new Osaka hotel in downtown and helped me discover  better The city of Osaka and  the castle area where parks and nature mix with moder building.

it took a wile to discover and find cools area and take few photos but once settle I was happy and enjoying the riding a lot.

is a big modern city and sometime remind me tokyo.

A day Jin and Giacomo an Italian guy that is working at Jin Hotel told me to visit Nara and also provided me all useful info to go there with train in just 1 hour.

i think this probably is the most beautiful area I ever visited in Japan when talking about nature till now.

the fall season at top transform the surrounding in a beautiful canvas you literally walk in to.

the bamboo forest is so incredible and the river give an awesome energy to this area kissed by gods!

I enjoyed shooting photos with the Fujifilm xt10 and I will come back if possible with the grandformat to grab all this impressive colors! Wow! W Japan and thank you to all amazing people I met during my trip. Japanese are the best !

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