Marco Toscani

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Limitless Imagination!

Always see next and learn how to make projects become useful for everyone.

“Designing an objects is like manipulating atoms”

Design! Invent! Paint! Write! DO DO DO DO!!!

Marco Toscani Photography

Creare è magia!

Toscani Marco Design & Photography

I grew up in Milan and since young I was always seeking around to discover what the world can offer to me.

I knew I have an alternative vision  and perceptions of the surrounding and I like to represent this in my projects.

For me the overall perception of this world is partially abstract and slow. So my reaction and the way I think and create art are definitely unique.


Study??!. Anyway yes. I’m an industrial technology technician and I believe I was realy luckyto choose this speciality to make me ready for the real life.

In present time today I’m more into Project Development and Management.

Dreaming a better world where futuristic objects will become part of our ordinary lifes to change our perception of routines and integrating new technology such Artificial Intelligence and leave the probems to be solved by machines intead  of humans is part of our SY-FI reality.

I LOVE ART and Photography of course also the minimalism philosophy.

Everything must be difference from globalization. But we are the mass right?

So follow me to find out what’s next.


Marco Toscani