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Architecture Photography

Architecture Photography by Marco Toscani Around the world Architecture Photography projects by Marco Toscani A massive Architecture Photography database with around 10000 buildings images integrate my young photographic portfolio. In the last few years I start collecting buildings architectures pictures from around the globe and recently focusing more in compositions with detailed High Quality large […]

Tokyo Architecture

tokyo skyscraper architecture photography

Tokyo Architecture Photography Since 2015 I’m traveling often to Japan to explore this incredible country. Everything in Japan is awesome and when I say everything I’m talking about people landscape nature architecture mountains rivers transports and food yes also! What I love more is the minimalist style and the clean lines of almost everything surrounding […]

Toscani Photography

Marco Toscani Photography At the moment you can find my works in MARCO TOSCANI PHOTOGRAPHY on Instagram at My cameras and various lenses allow me to cover a range of photography styles to fulfill clients needs. Please feel free to contact me to discuss opportunities to work together in branding and marketing campaigns as […]