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After the Lockdown each affected country and citizens will change their habits and costumes and modifying daily activities with concius fear.   Global scale epidemic is affecting almost any country and populations   An historic moment that is affecting each one of us and will sign an unforgettable moment of our life We are strong […]

Tokyo Koenji Festival

Tokyo Koenji Festival 2017 Marco Toscani Photography

The incredible Traditional Koenji Festival in Tokyo Japan Follow me on Instagram @toscanifoto TOKYO KOENJI JAPAN Tradidional Dance Festival 2017 MADE WITH FUJIFILM X-T1 AND FUJINON LENS XF FUJINON LENS XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS © Marco Toscani Visit for enquiry    

Tokyo Architecture

tokyo skyscraper architecture photography

Tokyo Architecture Photography Since 2015 I’m traveling often to Japan to explore this incredible country. Everything in Japan is awesome and when I say everything I’m talking about people landscape nature architecture mountains rivers transports and food yes also! What I love more is the minimalist style and the clean lines of almost everything surrounding […]

Tokyo Comiket

Tokyo Comiket 2017 Photography Tokyo Big sight Comiket Market Comics   An amazing colorful day in Tokyo BIG sight for the 2017 Comiket Comics Market Fair a show with thousands of funs with incredible costumes and impressive makeup. Shooting With Fujifilm X-T1 camera and 18-55 Lens by Fujinon Impressed by Japanese Manga fantasy world in […]

Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai Thailand Here a selection of pictures from my trips to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is my favorite location in Northern Thailand and is my third consecutive year I travel to CM and every time is amazing like the first time! I always discover new streets with new wonderful coffee shops […]


WHITE+COLORS BY TOSCANI MARCO PHOTOGRAPHY Home Body shapes and colorful modern hairstyles mixed in photography art. This time.. Photo shooting from Friday June 9 till June 16 2017 in Dubrovnik Croatia 🇭🇷 View in Behance The goal is to exalt haircut styles with modern colors on contrast and mix it with the Dubrovnik old town […]

instagram algorithm 2017 -2018

Instagram wrong post

Instagram algorithm piss me off! Follow me @toscanifoto The wrong way to populate my instagram browsing XP with repeated photos and videos is ridiculously stupid! I have already flag many contents I don’t want to see anymore but they come back everytime! So why Instagram algorithm is so annoying!? What’s wrong with the instagram algorithm […]

Japan 2016 Photography Journey

Traveling with Marco Toscani Since October 2016 when I left Ibiza my future trip wasn’t set at all.  Asia still provide me what I’m looking for! Smiles, adventures, colors and amazing food I always want to enjoy and experiment while  discovering this immense so different world. When I say different I’m comparing to Europe of course. […]

Marco Toscani

Marco Toscani Marco Toscani ©Marco Toscani Smart ideas can change the world! Never limit your imagination! Always see next and learn to make any projects become reals useful for everyone. Designing objects is like manipulating atoms. You know you are transforming elements and your smile at the end of the job will pay you back. […]

Toscani Photography

Marco Toscani Photography At the moment you can find my works in MARCO TOSCANI PHOTOGRAPHY on Instagram at My cameras and various lenses allow me to cover a range of photography styles to fulfill clients needs. Please feel free to contact me to discuss opportunities to work together in branding and marketing campaigns as […]