Tokyo Architecture Photography

Since 2015 I’m traveling often to Japan to explore this incredible country. Everything in Japan is awesome and when I say everything I’m talking about people landscape nature architecture mountains rivers transports and food yes also!
What I love more is the minimalist style and the clean lines of almost everything surrounding me when exploring this spectacular land.
I have to say the city that impressed me more and I have followed in love is the cosmopolitan Tokyo. The cityscapes the gardens the heritages neighborhoods the metropolitan system and the cool food venues and speciality coffee shops and stylists with minimal design clothing shops and so on.
Very impressive positive vibrant city! Wow Tokyo !
I have spent time in Tokyo in the last three years and bought few cameras and so every time I enjoy test new cameras in Tokyo while visiting new neighborhood and narrow street and night markets and of course I love taking photos of skyscrapers in this immense metropolis.
My architectures photography style is evolving and I feel and see this design influences me a lot day by day during the tests.
Shooting architecture photography in Tokyo pay you back when looking at these building shapes appearing on the big desktop screen I post processing. All lines architects studios will express on this buildings are subliminal! I love this architecture design and I will continue shooting at skyscrapers every time I will go back and try different techniques in my architecture photography   Development.
Im publishing soon a book collection in black and white especially dedicated to Tokyo  architecture  design landmark.
© Marco Toscani
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