Tokyo Comiket

2017 Photography Tokyo Big sight Comiket Market Comics


An amazing colorful day in Tokyo BIG sight for the 2017 Comiket Comics Market Fair a show with thousands of funs with incredible costumes and impressive makeup.

Shooting With Fujifilm X-T1 camera and 18-55 Lens by Fujinon

Impressed by Japanese Manga fantasy world in love with any character so amazing experiense

Tokyo Comiket is a must GO for any visitor in Japan Tokyo.

Even if not interested to Managa Comics magazine and this beautiful world you can at list for FREE get in and take amazing photos with lovely Japanese people always smiling and happy !

I’m always delighted to discover Japan subculture and discover this incredible country!

This below few photos from the Tokyo 2017 Comics event in Tokyo big sight fair area.

Hope you Enjoy.

Marco Toscani



Tokyo Comiket

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