Body shapes and colorful modern hairstyles mixed in photography art.

This time.. Photo shooting from Friday June 9 till June 16 2017 in Dubrovnik Croatia 🇭🇷

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The goal is to exalt haircut styles with modern colors on contrast and mix it with the Dubrovnik old town background.
Black and white contrast Photography option will be tested as well to evaluate tones changes on hairs colors with different photography techniques.

The location is Dubrovnik old town.
Day photography shooting.
Fujifilm camera and lens

MODEL: Dolores

Dubrovnik Photography

A beautiful location like Dubrovnik can create indecision when choosing the photo shooting spot.

The sun is so powerful and could affect the photos and so Dolores was available only for a couple of hours at midday! Where do I go in the old town at 12 o’clock with a model wearing a black dress? In a beach to make her uncomfortable under direct sunlight? Of course not !

Few days before I was walking inside the Old Town of Dubrovnik Walls and on the southwestern top area I found an hidden garden connected to the walking path by a small tunnel inside a very antique building. The energy there was so nice and fresh wind passing trough the windows..

Here a photo of the building and if you walk inside at the end you will find the garden next to the Dubrovnik wall.

Dubrovnik wall

I believe the light was perfect to exalt Antonio’s Hairstyler job. The white gray colors of Dolores’s hairs pop up especially thanks for sunshines coming from the windows and I let you judge my work.

I’m happy with the result and was very funny thanks to Dolores positively acting during the pause between shots. A really nice experience in Dubrovnik that make me love Croatia land and people’s as well.

lets show you some photos now! Enjoy

Looks amazing also in Black and White

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

I really don’t know why she is wearing a bra! Anyway we forgot about it! My mistake

Let’s play with some filter here..processed with VSCO with m4 preset

What about a kiss ?

And the sun playing with us

What do you think about? I love the lines hanged on the background and the sun light touching her hairs.

Around 300 photos in two hours with Dolores and we really enjoyed this shooting in Dubrovnik!

I post here some photos where you can see the hairstyle and also body shapes as part of this project theme. I will continue working and creating other projects and find models for this one of course.

if you are interested please contact me providing link to your photobook.

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